(Note: this post is about dried magic mushrooms, refer to this for microdosing mushrooms)

This is a quick guide for shrooms dosage, for a more comprehensive guide about Magic Mushroom Dosage refer to this blog post.

There are a lot of factors to consider about Magic mushroom dosage. Potency of mushrooms vary from strain to strain for example Penis Envy strain is stronger compared to Golden Teacher. Other factors to consider is content of your stomach: how much have you had to eat that day and how long ago. As a general rule of thumb, the emptier your stomach, the better mushroom’s effect will be. Additionally, try to avoid taking mushrooms right after a big meal, wait for a few hours before you take them.

Potency of mushrooms can also vary greatly from one batch to the next and from one part of a single mushroom to another part (cap and stem can have different concentrations). Because of these natural variations, chopping or grinding up multiple mushrooms and homogenizing the material can help reduce the risk of unexpectedly strong (or weak) doses.

Threshold.25 g1/100 oz
Light.25 – 1 g1/100 – 1/28oz
Common1 – 2.5 g1/28 – 1/10oz
Strong2.5 – 5 g1/10 – 1/6oz
Heavy5 + g1/6oz +

Onset10 – 40 minutes (when chewed and held in mouth)
Onset20 – 60 minutes (when swallowed on empty stomach)
Duration2 – 6 hours
Normal After Effects : up to 8 hours

These are still a guide at best and experience can still vary based on set and setting, for more information refer to this post(coming soon).