Psilocybin Mushrooms

What is Psilocybin  mushrooms?

Psilocybin is the psychoactive chemical in Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that is responsible for the psychedelic effects. They are also commonly referred to as Magic Mushrooms, Shrooms, etc. You can find out more about them here.

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Buying psychedelic mushrooms

You can easily browse the products and choose from a variety of dried magic mushrooms, mushroom edibles such as shroom chocolate bars, mushroom gummies, shroom microdose capsules, etc.

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Paying for Psilocybin Mushrooms

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How to order shrooms Canada?

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Best Psilocybin Mushrooms strain

There is not a single best Psilocybin mushroom strain out there, it depends on a large number of factors such as body weight, set and setting, the intended type of trip or experience, and experience level to name a few.

Koya Shrooms carries a large variety of magic mushroom strains, among two of the most popular and best selling Psilocybin mushroom strains are: Penis Envy and Golden Teacher.

Golden Teacher Strain

Golden Teacher mushrooms are among the most popular strains of Psilocybin mushrooms out there. They are perfect for beginners due to to their mild potency. Highly recommended for first time users, but this does not mean that the psychedelic veterans can’t benefit from it.

Their effects include visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive when taking Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Golden Teacher trips can often be revelatory, or at least insightful. As suggested by their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.

For information about the dosage refer to our shrooms dosage guide.

Penis Envy Strain

Penis Envy is among of the strongest cubensis mushrooms out there. For instance, a single gram of Penis Envy Cubensis causes potent effects that could be equal to two or three grams of weaker mushrooms. For this reason, we recommend starting with a lower dose, especially if you’re a beginner. The consciousness-altering effects of a psilocybin mushroom can be overwhelming and spooky for someone with little experience.

This strain is relatively larger when compared to Golden Teacher signaling their potent effects.

For information about the dosage refer to our shrooms dosage guide.