Magic Robots – Mushroom Chocolate Bar


Delicious chocolate bars containing 220mg of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms in each chocolate Robot. Perfect for microdosing, or taking a full trip, the size of these chocolate bars allows for different use.


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High quality Mushroom Chocolate. These delicious chocolate bars are the way to go if you do not enjoy the raw taste of magic mushrooms, or you just want to kill two birds with one stone!

Each individual robot contains 220mg of Golden Teacher Magic mushrooms. These delicious dark chocolate bars are the perfect size to get started. They are perfect for microdosing, or going on a trip if you want to take more.

Their small dose allows them to be consumed based on what the user is expecting from their experience.

We recommend starting with one bar, especially if you are beginner to gauge your tolerance and then increase and adjust accordingly.

Best Mushroom Chocolate Canada

  • 5 Robots -> $15
  • 10 Robots -> $30 25$
  • 25 Robots -> $75 $60

Mushroom Chocolate Dosage

You can except to start feeling the effects of these mushroom chocolate after 15-20minutes of eating them. This could be longer, even a little over an hour depending on the content of your stomach and your unique physiology. For the first time, allow at least one hour before eating another one if you are not feeling the effects. Body weight also plays a factor in how fast you start feeling the effects.

You can use these chocolates as microdose in which case one is a good dose, for more information about microdosing dosage refer to our blog post.

You can also take a couple of these mushroom chocolate bars for a stronger, more psychedelic experience. Two to 4 of these chocolate bars should be a good starting point for a more psychedelic trip. You can refer to this post for a more in depth information about mushroom dosage.

Shipping details:

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  • Xpress Post with tracking number.
  • Vacuum sealed, discrete packaging.

Ship across Canada:

We ship these Shroom Chocolate across Canada to all of the Provinces and Territories and anywhere Canada Post delivers. This includes but not limited to Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Toronto, Ontario; Ottawa, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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